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The benefits of sauerkraut are well known to everyone. Whatever you put on the table, Beloruchka cabbage will take pride of place. In addition to trace elements and vitamins, it contains biologically active substances that help the body cope with stress. The main thing is to select only freshly picked vegetables of certain varieties. Before cooking, all vegetables undergo a rigorous visual selection. In this case, heads of cabbage with signs of rot are immediately removed. We try to keep the most valuable in the final product.

Fermentation has long ceased to be a purely “bazaar" product. There are many reasons for this. The limited area of the "small" kitchen, the frequent lack of suitable vegetables on the market, the high cost ... But the main one is the lack of free time. And it turns out that the output is not always what I would like. Our technologists have traveled to all regions where vegetables are traditionally harvested for the winter. Having collected all the recipes, we tried to create the perfect product. Try it and you will understand that we succeeded.

Sauerkraut TM "Beloruchka"

Vegetables grown in ecologically clean areas of Mari El, Belarus, Krasnodar, whose soils are rich in chernozem, are selected for production. This ensures the presence in the final product of many useful trace elements (iron, potassium, phosphorus) and vitamins (C, PP, beta-carotene, etc.).

Special varieties are used: medium-late (Megaton, Larsia, Krautkaiser, Atria, Rinda), late (Ramko, Aggressor).

Late varieties have a tight head of cabbage. They can be kept fresh until the next season. Varieties have the best taste and consumer qualities. Late cabbage contains less nitrates.

Mid-early, mid-ripening and mid-late varieties occupy an intermediate position. They have a higher yield and density of heads of cabbage than in the early ones. Used for pickling and kept fresh for a long time, but inferior to late varieties in this indicator.

Our workshops installed equipment specially designed to produce crispy, fragrant, mouth-watering cabbage, packaged in cans of polymer materials weighing 500 and 1000 g. It can only be stored at + 2 ... + 4 ° С for 25 days. The product is ready for use; it belongs to the group of chilled goods (not freezing). The production of sauerkraut is certified, and the products are declared. Our pickles have other advantages:

We use old recipes, improving and supplementing them, so the taste of our cabbage is better than that of the market.

All vegetables are strictly selected. After inspection, each head of cabbage is thoroughly washed. The ingress of dirt into the final product is excluded.
Sauerkraut is cheaper to buy than to cook at home. Purchase of vegetables in bulk quantities allows us to make the price lower than in the market.
On each jar flaunts the slogan "Take time for your beloved." These are not just words. Instead of spending long hours at the stove, chat with; family and close friends. After all, now so rarely is the time for communication.
For the convenience of customers, the product is packaged in a convenient plastic jar with a sealed lid. If you drop it, the jar will not break, and the contents will not crumble on the floor.
We guarantee the quality and safety of our products. Each batch passes control and has the corresponding certificates.
We sell products not only at retail, but also in bulk. If you want to buy sauerkraut in bulk in Nizhny Novgorod, call us at one of the phones listed on the Contact page. For wholesale buyers, we offer special conditions. You will enjoy working with us.

Sauerkraut shredded cabbage with carrots and cranberry salad ready to pack in a plastic pot
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Sauerkraut shredded with beets and garlic ready-made salad packaging in a plastic jar
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Sauerkraut buy from the manufacturer in bulk in Russia